Awakening Archetypal Vision

The Art of Goethean Science Workshop

Dive into a journey of expanded awareness

and unlock hidden treasures of

suppressed, exotic, and often overlooked

natural sciences and perspectives.

What is in Store for You?

Foundations of Conscious Awareness:

Explore the natural functions of cognition.

Discover scientific perspectives of the balance of heart and mind in awareness.

Unearth the archetypal realm as the bedrock of Nature’s forms and processes.

Journey with Plato & Aristotle, Kant & Goethe in search of the supersensible realms of life and consciousness.

Escape from the subsensible materialism

of the modern world view.

Discover Anamnesis, Noesis & Gnosis, the keys of the Liberal Arts — the Trivium, and Quadrivium.

Gain perspective on humanity’s profound connection to the higher realms of life and consciousness.

Envision Higher Worlds:

Embark on the Goethean path to scientific awakening of the archetypal nature of manifestation.

Delve into Goethe’s groundbreaking theory of plant metamorphosis as a gateway to higher consciousness

Explore the ethereal realm of cosmological botany as a gateway to knowledge of the higher worlds.

This course, structured across three modules and 5 hours, offers the essential tools for a profound expansion of awareness, anchored firmly in a comprehensive knowledge base. It traverses diverse philosophical lineages, explores the higher realms reflected in plant growth patterns, and facilitates the activation of one's visual perception to establish direct connection with objective reality. By transcending the illusory boundaries imposed by consensus reality, participants awaken to a realm that transcends the superficial duality of appearances.

Originally priced at $148 but you can enjoy the recordings anytime

and join a live AMA with Thomas on

May 28 at 6PM PST / 9PM EST

Now for only $88

Witness the Path of Light:

Unveil Goethe's approach to color formation, evolving beyond Newtonian limitations. Goethe - Spectrochrome Color Circle

Encounter your visual ray and experience color formation as a dynamic, objective phenomenon.

Witness the archetype of light in the mesmerizing dance of colors we experience in the real world.

Journey further into the mysteries of the finer forces of the universe. Encounter the etheric atmospheric critters of Trevor Constable on Earth and in Space.

Pulsating “Critter” filmed in Infrared from the Space Shuttle

Embrace the radiant wisdom of the Spectrochrome color therapy system.

Introduce yourself to the profound mysteries of Steiner’s ethers, the formative forces of Life.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity:

Awaken the archetypal visionary within you. Unlock the secrets of the Goethean Approach to Science within you, in this unique exploration of higher states of awareness through the living biosphere.


Led by Thomas Joseph Brown with a 40+ years’ of interest and research in these areas, with a profound comprehension of Goethean Science. Current writings at

Join Us for an Experience of Enlightening Insights: Expand your horizons, awaken your inner visionary, and unearth the profound knowledge of the living world. Your transformative journey awaits.

Opportunities like this are rare. Seize this chance to explore the mysteries of Goethean Science and discover your own Awakening to Archetypal Vision.

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