Season Three Stream

Season 3 contains 6 Films

Discover the true legacy of ancient Egypt, hidden from the public eye for centuries. This treasure, more precious than gold, holds esoteric wisdom that modern science has overlooked. It is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the human psyche and the true meaning of existence.

In season X ( three), a research team made breakthrough discoveries in the ancient art and architecture, decoding a visual language that holds the secrets of a highly sophisticated cognitive science. Uncover the missing puzzle piece that will change everything you thought you knew about ancient civilizations.

Explore the symbolism of the transformative kundalini serpent and its power to bring about evolutionary change. It’s time for us to reclaim this numinous knowledge, and reclaim our place as conscious beings. Don’t miss this chance to dive deeper into the true legacy of ancient Egypt.

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"The passion, knowledge and curiosity that he had would come through... and you would be holding your face watching them going “OMG these are amazing!"

Joe Rogan, Podcaster

"“Magical Egypt - the best documentary series on the real mysteries of ancient Egypt and a tribute to the unique vision of the late, great John Anthony West."

Graham Hancock, Author